2021 KTM Australia Adventure Rallye: QLD Ranges VIDEO

An 890 Advenrure fords a river

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Drop the tele remote and fire up the YouTubes for an hour of off-road adventure through some of the best riding Queensland has to offer

There’s nothing on TV worth watching. Really, after you’ve blown through the two seasons of Monkey Magic or convinced everyone to sit through Big Trouble in Little China yet again, what else is there that could hold your attention? KTM is here to attend to this problem.

To fill an hour of your life with mouth-watering moto, KTM has released the video of the 2021 Queensland Ranges Rallye that you can watch free on YouTube right now. So put down that remote because you don’t want to watch Gilmour Girls and you know it.

Filmed across the six days and 2000 kilometres of the Rallye, this was the first official Kato adventure event for two years because of that thing called Rona that keeps screwing with everyone’s plans to have fun. 135 entrants and 35 staff formed a convoy that took in some epic trails and landscapes as well as some challenging weather, with guests like Jeff Leisk, Toby Price and Chris Birch on hand to tell amazing stories and do impossible stuff on bikes like the new 890 (read our first impression of the 890 here), and 1290 Adventure R.


KTM needs to be given credit for its efforts to run these events that serve the greater sport so well. Not only does it keep the stoke high with existing riders, but it encourages others to get involved and maybe influences a few to buy their first adventure bike.

The time and effort spent on creating movies like this play a huge role in spreading the vibe far and wide without being overly jingoistic and there aren’t many manufacturers putting this kind of effort in. BMW is the only other one that springs to mind.

So, sit back for an hour and enjoy the ride. Videographer, Jordy Bethune, chasing Chris Birch through the slippery double track is a pretty entertaining sequence alone but there is a lot to take in and keep you pumped for the next ride, no matter what brand you sit on.