Established in 1998 and now the brand behind some of the biggest names in off-road racing today, FLY Racing is committed to developing the highest quality apparel for all forms of motorcycling. Inspired by racing, driven by adventure, and crafted for performance, our Patrol gear has been thoughtfully engineered as a lighter adventure option, ideal for the warmer months in Australia.


FLy Racing Trekker helmet in grey sitting on the beack of a bike


  • All new design
  • Improved visor and peak
  • More comfortable padding
  • Drop down sun visor
  • Improved venting
  • RRP $299
Checking out the view in the Fly Racing Trekker helmet

Fly Racing’s Trekker Pulse helmet has been a stand-out of the lower-priced adventure offerings for some time. For 2023, Fly Racing has decided the Trekker should get a bit of an overhaul and we’ve been dirt-testing it to see if it’s an improvement on the previous model.

At a recommended retail of $299, the Trekker comes in slightly more expensive than the Acerbis, Oneal and M2R offerings but less than the LS2 MX701 and the arguably overpriced AGV AX9.

In my experience, $299 is a good price point to start expecting decent build quality, safety and longevity. It’s still an inexpensive helmet, but you’re not throwing out a prayer to the universe in the hopes that it’ll keep you safe you saved $50 and bought what amounts to not much more than a bucket with eye holes.

For 2023 the Trekker Pulse has changed shape, fit and function quite a bit.
At a glance, you notice that the chin bar now covers more area and has a new intake vent with a latch that’s easier to feel with gloves on. The neck roll has a more pronounced curvature to aid fit and allow for the now wider chin pads.

The visor is better quality than the previous model and the drop-down sun shade is appreciated

The new visor (not Pinlock enabled), is quite a step up from the previous model with better vision, rigidity and feel. And for 2023 there’s also a drop-down sun visor with an easy-to-find latch.

When it comes to venting, the top intake has three closable (the previous model had two) and those intakes are more effective than before because they’re now designed to benefit from a peak that’s shaped to force airflow towards the holes.

At the rear of the new Trekker is another closable vent at the top and two exhaust vents facing backward. There are two more exhaust vents just about the neck roll at the rear.

The closable front top vent is raised by air off the peak

Having ridden wearing the helmet on a stiflingly hot day, I can attest that the Trekker is pretty good in the heat and you can feel the difference in airflow when you’re moving.

The peak itself is brilliant with barely a hint of noise (slightest ‘crackling’ from the painted finish), or buffeting from the wind. It’s an entirely new design that’s reminiscent of that on the Arai XD-4 and does a very good job even at highway speeds.

Noise-wise, the Trekker benefits from that excellent peak and in my view is a quieter helmet than the RRP suggests it may be.

One of the better peaks we’ve ridden with across any price range

Another improvement comes from the comfort factor. The wider and thicker cheek pads are superior to the old model and it’s immediately noticeable. The new foam liner is a better fit all-around but I’d suggest always trying on a Trekker in a dealership as they can tend to be sized a tad small.

This is advice I offer for any helmet mind you. Try it on before you buy so you know you’ve nailed the sizing but importantly, the Trekker comes in just two shell sizes so you need to feel that padding layer properly to make the right call.

Not a bad-looking lid right? We recommend trying it on to nail the correct size

After my first three days in the Trekker – one of which was very long and very hot – I can confidently say it’s more comfortable than this model ever has been. It’s never been horrid to wear but the cheek pads always felt a little light on and they sat up too high for my liking over a full day. It’s not a heavy helmet by any means and feels like it’s lost a little weight over the old model.

So, the 2023 Fly Racing Trekker has been updated the changes are significant. I know you can pick up the old model for bugger-all right now but I would recommend spending that extra dosh because the difference is worth the coin.

Tool-less peak removal and an easy-to-reach sun shade toggle


  • ECE Approved / D.O.T. Approved
  • Durable and lightweight polymer shell.
  • Dual-density EPS liner – two layers of EPS, one softer and one slightly harder
  • 2 shell sizes.
  • 4 colourways
  • Optically superior clear face shield with Anti fog coating and durable hard coating for scratch resistance.
  • 100% UVA/B protection up to 400 nanometers.
  • Shield lock provides piece of mind, shield will remain closed in all conditions.
  • Easy shield changes – quick, secure and tool-less removal and installation.
  • Visor and shield integration enables the shield in the raised position, to be fully hidden and out of the line of sight.
  • The shield is designed specifically to accommodate goggles and goggle straps when in the closed position.
  • Qwick – Dry® comfort liner and cheek pads. Hydrophilic liner absorbs sweat and is perforated to provide plenty of ventilation.
  • Removable and washable interior.
  • High-Flow ventilation system.
  • 6 adjustable intake vents.
  • 2 passive intake vents.
  • 8 exhaust vents.
  • 3M highly visible reflective stickers for increased visibility.
  • Side plate covers are included for street helmet configuration when the visor is removed.
  • Soft Fleece helmet bag.
  • Optional tinted and mirror shields are available
  • RRP $299