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The 2023 KTM Adventure R in studio

The 2023 KTM 890 Adventure R has been unveiled with a neat smattering of updates.

Launched in 2021, KTM’s 890 Adventure R was the successor to its hugely successful and influential (see the Tenere 700 World Raid), 790 Adventure R.

The 890 didn’t mess with the established formula too much but it did enhance it just enough to keep the bike at the front of the adventure pack.

For 2023 KTM has revisited the 890 and gifted some updates designed to improve the ride and to offer a greater understanding of the choices you have within the electronics suite.

First up, the styling has been renewed with a more aggressive shape and colour scheme reminiscent of the 890 Adventure R Rally. It’s an undeniable movement that takes the focus off the drop-down fuel tanks which are an integral part but not the most attractive part of the bike’s design.

The changes also offer a better ergonomic fit forward of the seat, so the rider is immediately more comfortable.

A new windshield promises better airflow which taller riders will certainly appreciate on those freeway sections.

The WP Xplor suspension has been tuned to offer more all-day comfort. The 890 Adventure R can have a slightly stiff feel to it at lower speeds which is the compromise you get when you go opt maximum offroad performance. But it seems that KTM has decided to find a middle ground which is a wise move. If you need suspension truly ready for smashing trails to pieces, then you can go for the optional WP Xplor Pro kit which will absolutely blow your mind.

The 2023 Adventure R also gets a new 5-inch TFT screen with updated graphics that include turn-by-turn navigation (using the smartphone app and disappointingly optional Bluetooth Connectivity Unit) and coloured pictograms.

KTM has tinkered with the electronics further to provide a new 9.3 MP ABS control unit that benefits from a 6D sensor for more accurate and appropriate braking characteristics. For 2023, Offroad ABS is automatically engaged when you select Offroad or Rally mode. Through Offroad ABS, the front ABS is reduced while the rear is disengaged completely.

The 2023 model will also be delivered with a Demo Mode which will allow the rider to test the complete suite of electronics for the first 1500 kilometres. Should you wish to continue using Rally Mode after that, you’ll have to pay. But if you find you’re happy using the standard Offroad Mode then no further payment is required.

We think Rally mode is worth having but by offering a Demo Mode, KTM is giving new buyers the chance to find out whether it suits them before forking out the big bucks.

There’s no word on pricing just yet but given the popularity of the 890 to date, speaking to a dealer about pre-orders would be a smart move.

2023 KTM 890 Adventure R:

  • Reworked bodywork & fairing inspired by the KTM 450 RALLY
  • New windshield offering improved airflow
  • Reworked suspension settings for reduced long-distance fatigue
  • Upgraded 5” TFT display with USB connection & new pictograms
  • Improved ABS components with new modulator (9.3 MP)
  • OFFROAD ABS linked with OFFROAD MODE & (optional) RALLY MODE
  • New & more offroad-oriented tires (international models)
  • Updated turn-by-turn plus navigation system
  • Introducing the DEMO MODE functionality
  • Handlebar switch with hazard warning
  • LED indicators (US models)
  • New engine protector