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The CFMOTO 800MT Explore photographed in a park
The CFMOTO 800MT Explore is a low-cost, high-tech, unapologetic adventure tourer


The standard equipment package is outstanding and even more impressive given the bike’s price point.

From 6 riding modes to Apple CarPlay, switchable ABS and traction control and cruise control as well as heated grips, a heated seat as well as a blind spot and rear collision radar system.

You also get a decent luggage rack, pannier racks, reasonable crash bars, fog lights, a quickshifter and multiple charging points at the dash to top it off.

Also included is a 4G T-Box which maintains communications with CFMOTO and can easily install software/firmware updates via your smartphone in minutes.

You’ll be hard-pressed to name another bike that offers all of this for less than $20,000 AUS.

The tech package exceeds expectations when you compare the price to competing models


The 800MT Explore is a comfortable bike in the manner of a pure adventure tourer.

The seat, bars and footpeg triangle doesn’t present any extreme or uncomfortable angles for your body to contort to, and the heated seat is wide and accommodating for most shapes.

The windscreen is a good size and shape for dealing with the cold and downpours.

Although it’s a bike that encourages you to sit and relax, it’s a good shape to stand up on should you need to get more aggressive in your approach to nature’s nasty trails.

You can opt for a lower seat should you need it, but it’s not an overly high standard seat so most riders will appreciate the ease with which you can reach Terra Firma.

If this is your idea of an adventure then the Explorer will be right there with you


The KYB suspension is very good at fulfilling the adventure tourer role.

It’s not going to blitz back trails alongside a KTM 890 Adventure R, but nothing about the 800MT Explore suggests that’s what it was born to do.

This is a bike that offers excellent road manners and comfort and extends that to moderate trails and dirt roads. The KYB does a good job at serving the dual purpose of a commuter, twister road fun bike and a lite explorer.

And while staying within the bounds of the KYB’s capabilities you can still see a hell of a lot of Australia.
The overall balance of the bike is quite good and makes discovering new back roads a lot of fun and pretty damn easy.

Damo headed off for a few days camping on the 800MT Explore


There’s something about getting onboard a train that’s heading somewhere exciting. Like Hogwarts.

CFMOTO is that train right now. While some Japanese manufacturers drip-feed new models at a snail’s pace, CFMOTO seems to be introducing a new road bike, adventure bike, scrambler and side-by-side every few months.

The company has been making a lot of very smart moves in the past 5 years, building bikes that match a lot of wish lists (see the incoming 450MT) and offering them at prices that are considerably less than the competition on a feature-for-feature basis.

The build quality is the best we’ve seen from China to date and there’s no reason to think it won’t just keep getting better.

Software updates via smartphone couldn’t be easier


At $16,990 AUS it’s a very enticing deal that leaves you wanting for little in terms of add-ons.

Many bikes are deceptive in their pricing, rarely leaving a showroom without a lot more coin being spent on things like luggage racks, pannier racks., heated grips, a bashplate, handguards and so on.

CFMOTO not only established an excellent price for the 800MT Explore but packed it with so much kit that, aside from perhaps fresh tyres (although the stock rubber is good for adventure touring) should you want to push harder into the scrub, it’s a very short list of stuff you would want to add before you left to explore the world.