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Riding the Husqvarna 901 into a muddy lake on a sunny day

Husqvarna’s Nordeon 901 has been with us since its 2021 launch, which was preceded by a long period of drip-feed marketing that hyped the bike arguably beyond any other release of that year.

It’s since seen the KTM 890 Adventure arrive on the scene and even spawned a sibling of its own in the Norden 901 Expedition which was designed to take on more technical riding with the more offroad capable WP Xplor suspension taking the place of the Apex kit.

The competition has been arriving thick and fast in the sub-1000cc adventure bike market and time can be cruel in the way people perceive a bike that’s even just a couple of years old.

But the Norden has firmed itself as a very good adventure tourer that can take you deeper into the bush than most in that category.

So, what did the Husky nerds get right? Well, quite a bit but we’ve distilled that down to our 5 best qualities of the Norden 901.



The seat is built for long days of riding. It’s wide at the rear to offer a great base for your butt, but it does taper in towards the front to allow for body movement. The foam is excellent, and the stepped design allows for a pillion to be supremely comfortable as well.

To stay cozy during the cooler months the rider and pillion seats can be swapped out for optional heated seats. On the Norden 901 Expedition, however, the stock rider’s seat is heated for your deep pleasure.


The drop-down fuel tank design goes a long way in giving the Norden its amazing balanced feel by lowering the centre of gravity.

The tank is a slightly different design to the KTM 890 Adventure R but it’s just as tough, so there’s probably no need for you to rush out and get a metal guard to protect the lower edges.

And with 19 litres to play with you’re not going to suffer from range anxiety with around 400 kilometres to play with.


The Norden 901 is an adventure tourer so it’s not designed to smash trails with maximum aggression – that’s why they built the Expedition model with the WP Xplor suspension.

On the standard Norden, the WP Apex suspension is designed to offer the optimum ride on dirt roads and the blacktop. It can handle a bit of the rough stuff no doubt, but it handles a wide variety of lighter terrains with maximum comfort and confidence.


If you opt for the full electronics package then you’ll have real-time changes at your fingertips through the Explorer Mode but viewing the Norden as an Adventure tourer you have to ask, do you really need the upgrade?

The stock Offroad mode is actually pretty damn good. It smooths out the power delivery and allows for a sensible amount of wheel spin before it brings it into check. And it also deactivates ABS at the rear wheel, and we reckon for a lot of riders, this is a less complicated set-up that offers all they need.


The Norden is a true all-rounder. It’s not quite up to the technical offroad antics of the 890 Adventure R, the Tuareg or the Expedition, but it is a step closer to full adventure than a Honda Transalp or a CFMOTO 800MT.

And yet for a bike with a 21-inch front wheel, it has refined road manners and good weather protection so you can eat up the miles on the bitumen or your weekly commute in comfort and it must be said…a measure of style.