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Jacopo Cerutti and Francesco Montanari dominated the M6 twin-cylinder category at the Hellas Rally Raid, securing a one-two finish for Aprilia Tuareg Racing.

Early challenges awaited the riders as heavy rain left the course treacherous. However, the Aprilia Tuareg 660 machines proved their mettle, with Cerutti and Montanari navigating the slippery conditions skillfully.

As the race progressed and the terrain improved, both riders showcased their full potential. They conquered the demanding 1850 km route without setbacks.

Cerutti’s impressive performance earned him the M6 class victory, adding another win to Aprilia Tuareg Racing’s tally. He also secured a strong fourth-place finish in the overall standings.

Montanari, a newcomer to the Hellas Rally Raid, impressed in his debut. He mirrored Cerutti’s success, claiming second place in M6 and a commendable eighth place overall.

This one-two finish solidifies Aprilia’s dominance in the twin-cylinder category.

“It was a challenging seven days. Overall, it went really well, I kept up a good pace and didn’t make many mistakes. I was close to the podium in the overall classification – just 50 seconds away – but I gave it my all and didn’t quite manage it in the end.

The team worked very well together; Cecco also did great. I am very satisfied, it was excellent training, and we also took the opportunity to test a few things for the new season.”

“It was an amazing experience, the standard was very high and my performance got better and better. The marathon days were very positive although they were certainly hard, as they were very long.

I made a small mistake, I fell in the special long stage but although I lost a lot of time, I still did well. I wanted to achieve a good result to thank the team for the great job they did.

They deserve this result, and getting first and second in the M6 class was the best way to repay them!”