Aprilia TUAREG 660 details released: Could this be the great disruptor?

The Tuareg amongst the Himalayan mountains

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Aprilia looks to shake up what will be a very competitive mid-sized adventure market in 2022

The mid-size adventure market just got another player in the Aprilia Tuareg which will start hitting dealer’s floors in early to mid-2022.

Based on the engine in the Italian company’s RS 660 and Tuono 660 road models, the Tuareg will come in at a claimed weight of 187 kilos dry, which is around the Tenere 700 and 890 Adventure R figures, but with an 18-litre tank which is two more litres than the Yamaha offers and two less than the KTM.

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 and the setting sun
How’s the serenity?

The claimed 80Hp sits in between the Yamaha and more powerful KTM and should work well off-road with that weight figure, but much depends on the chassis and suspension. Aprilia knows how to build a chassis, but putting together a package for the dirt is not something they’ve done well in a long time (we don’t talk about those dirtbikes around here).

While there’s been no name attached to the suspension on the Tuareg as yet, Aprilia has a relationship with Kayaba which would be beneficial to leverage on a bike made for adventure. We noticed that the forks are 43mm and they look suspiciously similar to the Tenere 700 Kayabas.

Aprilia has gone heavy with the off-road angle in the bike’s marketing

If that’s the direction Aprilia has gone this would be a big deal given Kayaba has arguably been the most consistent manufacturer for off-road use this decade.

The seat height is a reasonable 860mm and Aprilia seems to have achieved that while not sacrificing ground clearance at 240mm as well as offering 240mm of fork travel.

The 5-inch TFT display offers control over Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC) electronics suite which presents four ride modes, switchable ABS (can be disengaged from both wheels or rear only), cruise control and traction control. You can connect a smartphone to the Tuareg via an optional dongle called an Aprilia MIA which allows for navigation and a whole host of separate functions.

It’s a bit strange that the bike won’t allow a smartphone to communicate without an accessory. Most do, some need special apps, but we’ve not seen one that needed a dongle.

The liveries seem to have each been named after an afternoon smoking hash with colour schemes that include Acid Gold, Martian Red and Indaco Tagelmust. The red and the yellow were winners in the ADV LIFE office, but the blue looks like a John Mayer album.

The Tuareg seems well placed to be something of a disruptor. If the suspension and chassis package is a winner and the 2021 headache that is the global supply chain doesn’t bring it to a halt, then Tenere and Adventure R buyers will have a solid third option.

Throw in the much-awaited Husqvarna Norden 901 and the far cheaper CFMoto 800MT, which has been seeing promising early presales into the mix and the 700-1000cc market gets much more interesting in 2022. We eagerly awaited Aussie pricing and then a chance to ride the Italian.


  • 660 cc parallel-twin engine
  • 80 hp and 70 nm of torque
  • Redesigned oil sump
  • Easy access air filter (claimed)
  • Large 5” TFT display
  • ATC (traction control) AEB (engine brake) AEM (engine map)
  • Switchable ABS (to both and to rear wheel)
  • Cruise control
  • Navigation on TFT with Aprilia MIA accessory
  • Tubeless tyres
  • 204 kilos wet weight
  • 43mm adjustable USD Fork
  • Adjustable monoshock with progressive linkage
  • 240mm of travel front and rear
  • Ground clearance 240mm
  • Seat height 860mm
  • Fuel capacity 18 litres
  • 21/18″ wheelset