Beta ALP 4.0 in red photographed in a white studio

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Beta ALP 4.0 in red photographed in a white studio

Italian manufacturer Beta has dropped one of the most unique-looking dual-sport offerings of the recent past with its ALP 4.0.

Launched alongside the ALP X, the ALP 4.0 is aimed more at the riders looking to go offroad with its 21/18-inch wheelset as compared to the X’s 19/17.

The ALP 4.0 is designed for riders new to offroad riding with a focus on readability over pure earth-pounding performance. It’s essentially a scrambler at heart and as such will offer a versatile ride.

The ALP X is the more road-based brother of the 4.0 with a smaller wheelset and different stying

Based on a 348cc engine developed by Beta in partnership with China’s Tayo Motorcycles, the ALP will produce 35Hp from its single-cylinder engine. The 6-speed gearbox ensures the best choices for on-road riding.

Suspension travel measures in at 185mm at the front and 195m at the rear while ground clearance comes in 270mm.

The fuel capacity comes in at 11 litres which should give it a decent range. The seat height is 865mm which is tall-ish given its stated target market of female and learner riders.

Beta has equipped the ALP 4.0 with 290 mm disc at the front and 220 mm at the rear, with Nissin brake cylinder and callipers. A BOSCH ABS system does the safe stopping stuff and can also be disengaged at the rear.

The dry weight of the ALP 4.0 is a claimed 140kg.

Pricing at availability is yet to be confirmed.

The ALP 4.0 is available in two colourways