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The 2025 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure in Red photographed in a rocky canyon with luggage
2025 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure

“The appearance of the new BMW R 1300 GS Adventure is sure to attract attention. The big GS is not only visually different from its almost dainty sister. Never before have seating comfort, ergonomics and wind and weather protection been so harmoniously combined with precise handling, exceptional suspension comfort and smooth running. The new BMW R 1300 GS Adventure has set itself the goal of becoming the benchmark for large adventure motorcycles.”

Christof Lischka, Head of BMW Motorrad Development

BMW Motorrad has announced the launch of the redesigned R 1300 GS Adventure model to follow on from the standard R 1300 GS which was released early this year.

The Adventure model carries greater fuel capacity than the standard model and with that increased range it has traditionally been a very popular model in Australia.

The design of the GS has changed a great deal over the years, but the overall philosophy established in 1980 with the launch of the original R 80 GS remains.

BMW followed up the iconic R 80 GS (797cc) with the R 100 GS (980cc) which established the styling that would continue for decades.

The 2001 R 1150 GS Adventure was where the big tank love began

The 100 was followed by the R 1100 GS in 1994 which was succeeded by the 1150, the super successful 1200 and then the 1250 in 2019 before the leap was made to a 1300 in 2024.

The Adventure model (GSA) first arrived on the scene with the 2001 R 1150 GS Adventure which offered a 33-litre fuel tank and a long ride between top-ups. It also received 20mm longer suspension travel to help carry the extra load.

It was born into a world obsessed with street bikes the R 1150 GS/A was viewed by many as an ungainly beast that was as sexy as a taco burp.

But it was a pleasure to ride – so much so that I bought one. It had little power but a lot of torque and was supremely comfortable on long rides.

KTM is just one of many manufacturers gunning for big bore supremacy

In the time BMW evolved the GS line right through to a 1300 a lot of competitors have stepped up to take on or be shaded by the GS in the big bore adventure market.

Honda made a big move in 2016 when it released the then-new Africa Twin, geared more for modern offroad than street riding, and followed that up with the Africa Twin Adventure Sports with a larger fuel tank to take on the likes of the GS Adventure.

Both models progressed through a generational change to become CRF 1100s but unfortunately, the Adventure Sports has now evolved into a 19-inch front wheel tourer, having – in our opinion – never been given the chance to shine as an adventure model with a simple change to the overly soft suspension and a refinement of the often-baffling electronics.

KTM cycled through the 1050 and 1150 models before landing on the mighty 1290 Super Adventure R while Triumph offers the Tiger 1200 in a few different configurations including the offroad focussed Rally model.

Harley-Davidson arrived with the Pan America which has a distinctive BMW feel to it, while Ducati presented the Multistrada V4S as a super sporty alternative.

On the periphery, Suzuki has the loveable V-Strom 1050DE while Yamaha still has the almost forgotten but somewhat underrated Super Tenere 1200.

The big bore adventure market in 2024 is alive with choices with each bringing something unique to the metaphorical table.

But it’s hard to get the vision of the GSA out of your head when you picture a big bore, big tank adventurer.

The BMW switchback is an easy-to-use set-up once you get familiar

THE 2025 BMW R 1300 GS/A

The 2025 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure looks very different to its predecessor, a bike that I spent a week on not too long ago chasing the BMW Safari and one that have a lot of love for.

The new aesthetics will divide people but when it comes to motorcycles, this is the natural state of things. Some folks would boo the easter bunny because its stats don’t match up to the tooth fairy’s.

To me, for what it’s worth…it looks like a bike Robocop would ride and that’s alright with me. I like the old model, but it didn’t suit Robocop so there’s an early tick.

The 20525 GS/A sports the most powerful BMW boxer engine yet producing 145 hp at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque of 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

The tank holds 30 litres of go-juice so as you’d expect, there will be big kilometres between servo stops.
The electronics are all you’d expect from a BMW in 2025 with Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC), which applies brake pressure to maintain the selected cruising speed on downhills.

The look of the GS/A won’t win everyone over

Active Cruise Control (ACC) will make use of radar units front and back to keep a distance from the car in front and offer safety warnings. ACC can be added as the ‘Rider Assistant’ option.

Heated grips are standard as is a centre stand, luggage rack and basic bashplate. The windscreen is manually adjustable, and the lighting is all LED.

Through Electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) the GS/A will adjust the suspension damping as well as the spring pre-load to match the rode mode you’ve selected. The previous gen did not alter the spring stiffness.

The adaptive Vehicle Height Control will lower the bike when you stop by 30mm which is quite a lot. This makes it easier to drop your feet to the ground as well as swing your leg over to dismount.

Although I’m not vertically challenged, I did appreciate this feature on the Pan America, particularly with a load of luggage onboard.

BMW is also offering an Automated Shift System as an option for the first time which is something a lot of Africa Twin riders have come to love, and KTM 1290 riders may soon embrace as well.

You can ride a long way with 30 litres of fuel

Of course, there are variations to embrace with the base model ($30,490 + ORC) being joined by Trophy ($37,190 + ORC), Trophy X ($36,090 + ORC), Triple Black ($36,530 + ORC) and built for touring comfort there is also an Option 719 ($38,790 + ORC) model.

The colour options across the model range cover Racing Red, Racing Blue Metallic, Black Storm Metallic and Aurelius Green Metallic Matt.

Each of the models comes with a 5-year warranty which is valid worldwide, and has no mileage limit with all repairs done using original BMW Motorrad parts.

BMW has introduced a unique top case set-up with dedicated mounting points


The highlights of the new BMW R 1300 GS Adventure:

The Automated Shift Assistant (ASA) with automated clutch operation makes motorcycling even more convenient and offers an exciting riding experience through automated gearshift characteristics in accordance with the selected riding mode.
• Completely newly designed boxer engine with bottom-mounted transmission and BMW ShiftCam technology for varying the valve timing and valve stroke on the intake side.

• Most powerful BMW boxer engine ever.

• Powerful response across the entire engine speed range, exemplary fuel consumption, emission levels, running smoothness and refinement.

• Power output and torque: 107 kW (145 hp) at 7,750 rpm and 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

• Knock sensor system for optimised travel suitability.

• Completely redesigned chassis compared to the predecessor model with sheet metal main frame and aluminium lattice tube rear frame. Even greater steering precision and riding stability thanks to new EVO Telelever with flex element and revised EVO Paralever rear wheel guide.

• BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS as standard.

• Four riding modes as standard.

• Engine drag torque control (MSR), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) and Hill Start Control (HSC) as standard.

• Driving Modes Pro with additional riding modes as optional equipment ex works.

• Dynamic Traction Control DTC as standard.

• Electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) as optional equipment ex works, with dynamic adjustment of the damping and spring rate, and also load compensation.

• Adaptive vehicle height control comfort and sport suspension as optional equipment ex works.

• Matrix LED headlights and newly developed auxiliary headlights integrated into the body as standard.

• Headlight Pro with adaptive headlight as optional equipment ex works.

• Hand protectors with integrated turn indicators as standard.

• 30-litre aluminium tank.

• Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) with brake function as standard.

• Riding Assistant with Active Cruise Control (ACC), Front Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Change Warning and Rear End Collision Warning (RECW) for safe and convenient motorcycling as optional equipment ex works.

• Smartphone charging compartment with integrated USB socket and 12 V on-board power socket as standard.

• Seat heating for rider and passenger for enhanced touring suitability as optional equipment ex works.
• Handlebar risers up to 30 mm as optional equipment ex works.

• Wide range of seat height variants as optional equipment ex works.

• Connectivity: Multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen and numerous features as standard.

• RDC, Keyless Ride and heated grips as standard.

• Intelligent Emergency Call as standard (market-dependent).

• Attractive basic variant along with the model variants Triple Black, GS Trophy and Option 719.

• Extensive range of optional equipment, original BMW Motorrad accessories.


It’s evolution, baby

R 1300 GS ADVENTURE – $30,490 + ORC

  • BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS
  • Heated Grips, Cruise Control, 6.5″ TFT Display
  • Matrix LED Lights, LED Taillight, Dynamic Brake Light, LED Indicators, Comfort Turn Indicators, Multifunction Indicator Lights Rear, Daytime Riding Lights
  • M Lightweight Battery, Main Stand
  • Dynamic Brake Control, Tyre Pressure Control, Keyless Ride, Riding Modes, Traction Control, Hill Start Control
  • Cross Spoke Wheels, Luggage Rack, Adjustable Windscreen, Engine Skid Plate, Adjustable Clutch and Handbrake Lever
  • Storage Compartment with Charging Function

R 1300 GS ADVENTURE TROPHY X – $36,090 + ORC

  • Double Silencer
  • Off-Road Tyre
  • Dynamic Package: Riding Modes Pro, Gear Shift Assistant Pro, Sport Brake
  • Touring Package: Chrome Plated Header Pipe, Windscreen Electric Adjustable, Pannier Fastening for Aluminium Panniers, Preparation for GPS Device, Main Stand
  • Style GS Trophy: Windshield Sport, Radiator Protection Grille, Large Radiator Cover, Auxiliary LED Light Grille Black, Black/Red Rider Seat with Sport Passenger Seat, Cross Spoke Wheels Black
  • Enduro Package Pro: Handlebar Risers, Short Enduro Hand Lever, Enduro Vario Rider Footrests, Handlebar Impact Protection, Turn Indicator Bar, Rear Silencer Holder

R 1300 GS ADVENTURE TROPHY – $37,190 + ORC

  • Headlight Pro with Riding Assistant, Windshield High and Top Case Carrier
  • Passenger Kit
  • Comfort Rider’s Seat
  • Touring Package: Chrome Plated Header Pipe, Windscreen Electronic Adjustable, Pannier Fastening for Aluminium Panniers, Preparation for GPS device, Main Stand
  • Dynamic Package: Riding Modes Pro, Gear Shift Assistant Pro, Sport Brake
  • Style GS Trophy: Radiator Protection Grille, Large Radiator Cover, Auxiliary LED Light Grille Black, Cross Spoke Wheels Black


  • Topcase Carrier
  • Headlight Pro with Riding Assistant
  • Touring Package: Chrome Plated Header Pipe, Windscreen Electronic Adjustable, Pannier Fastening for Aluminium Panniers, Preparation for GPS Device, Main Stand
  • Dynamic Package: Riding Modes Pro, Gear Shift Assistant Pro, Sport Brakes
  • Style Triple Black: Cross Spoke Rims Black, Comfort Passenger Seat (Seat Heating), Aluminium Fuel Tank, Comfort Rider’s Seat

R 1300 GS ADVENTURE OPTION 719 – $38,790 + ORC

  • Headlight Pro with Riding Assistant
  • Windshield High
  • Topcase Carrier
  • Touring Package: Chrome Plated Header Pipe, Windscreen Electronic Adjustable, Pannier Fastening for Aluminium Panniers, Preparation for GPS Device, Main Stand
  • Dynamic Package: Riding Modes Pro, Gear Shift Assistant Pro, Sport Brakes
  • Style Option 719: Comfort Passenger Seat (Seat Heating), Comfort Rider’s Seat, Gold Cross Spoke Wheels, Option 719 Billet Pack Shadow