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If you’ve got your heart set on owning a brand-new adventure bike but don’t want to drop tens of thousands of dollars, there are plenty of options around and under the ten-grand mark to keep you rolling.

And the best news is that some of the bikes are damn fine specimens that are more than capable of chaperoning you to far-flung outposts. In general, these bikes aren’t made for high-intensity riding but will ace dirt roads and double trails as well as the weekly commute.

Most are smaller bore and easier to wrangle around a shed, a parking lot or a trail and a lot of them have lower seat heights which open them up for a wide range of riders. All prices have been taken from the manufacturer’s websites but check from your location for the most accurate figure.

Suzuki DR650 – from $10,390

Suzuki's DR650 has been a great adventure bike for decades

You’re going to have to be quick on this one because there will be no more once the current stock is gone. It needs a little work to be fully adventure-ready and it ain’t the prettiest, but it is a living legend and will rarely let you down.

SWM Superdual X – $10,490 + ORC

SWM Superdual X 650 adventure bike

The SWM is a bit of a sleeper (read our review), and kind of an odd-looking bike, but it’s a decent all-rounder with a very friendly engine and plush suspension. The 21/18-inch wheelset gives it a nice feel off-road and the Brembo brakes, a hydraulic clutch and switchable ABS are nice touches.

G 310 GS From – $8,462 RA

In 2019 we rode the BMW Safari Enduro and a 310 GS finished the week along with all the much bigger units. We’ve never ridden one, but that’s not a bad recommendation.

KTM 390 Adventure – $9,390

KTM 390 adventure bike

The smallest of the Kato range (read our review) doesn’t have the off-road prowess of the R models but carries on the vibe of the straight Adventure. It’s well outfitted with a 5-inch TFT display, LED lighting and a host of rider aids.

Royal Enfield Himalayan – $7,690 RA

We haven’t ridden a Himalayan, but there’s something about its old-school look and simplicity that does appeal. The price is undeniably cheap and it sells in insane numbers across the globe.

Benelli TRK 502X – $9,890 RA

The Benelli looks the biz no doubt. The engine is fantastic and it’s a pretty comfy bike on long rides. The chassis geometry and suspension hold it back from being a complete package, but for relaxed weekend rides and weekday commutes, it’s a good option.

Kawasaki KLR650 – from $10,151

An old favourite that’s seen recent and appreciated upgrades, the KLR is one of the most proven packages in this line-up. Simplicity is the key, and it delivers reliability and a no-fuss ride to take on a wide range of roles.

Kawasaki Versys-X – $ $6599 +ORC

The 300cc engine on the Versys needs some encouragement, but once it’s in its happy place it’s a good little engine that’s matched with a slipper clutch, low seat height and a great suspension package. A great price for a bike with quite a bit to offer the weekend explorer.

Honda CRF300 Rally – from $9,530

Honda certainly went all out on the aesthetics and the base bike has shown to be a dependable and capable machine. It’s a nice bike that can take you a long way without having to spend much to fit it out.

Honda CB500X – from $10,301

The CB500X just received updates but no word on when it hits Australia as yet so this is the current model. The engine is brilliant and a lot of fun on and off the road. The suspension is a limiting factor but that may turn around given that’s where a lot of the updates have concentrated.

The next steps: Just in case you have a win on the dogs and have a little more cash to splash

Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT – $14,490

Such a great all-around that’s too often underappreciated. Comfortable, capable, dependable it’s a great next step from the bike previously mentioned.

CFMoto 800MT – $13,990

We can’t wait to see how this bike turns out. China’s first overt attempt at a big-bore adventure bike that doesn’t borrow gravitas from a bought brand name, the KTM 790 engine and KYB suspension could make this a winner for a lot of people.