CFMOTO MT-X Concept photographed in a studio

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CFMOTO MT-X Concept photographed in a studio

Many of the highlights of the EICMA motorcycle show through the years have carried the classification of ‘concept’ with many making it to market eventually, but some being lost forever.

CFMOTO has unveiled a model that we certainly hope makes it out of the concept stage and we can see good reason why it should as it represents a break from KTM and showcases a more complete CFMOTO’s build.

The MT-X Concept is based around a new 675cc three-cylinder engine that was a completely in-house project as opposed to sourcing from KTM as the company does with the 800MT powerplant.

The engine is claimed to deliver a maximum torque of 68 Nm at 8250 rpm, and a maximum power of around 100 HP with a peak of 12300 rpm. The powerplant will weigh in at 55kg.

Further garnished with a 21-inch front wheel and sporting a vertical 8-inch display akin to the Tenere 700, the MT-X Concept also features an Akrapovic pipe, enduro-style bench seat and a high front mudguard as well as KYB suspension.

Strikingly, there are drop-down tanks present which of course brings to mind the KTM 890 Adventure R and sets a high expectation for the overall balance of the bike. The chassis seems identical as well which suggests a reversal of shared components on the 800MT where CFMOTO borrows the chassis but supplies the engine this time.

There are of course no details on where, when or how much this bike might be should it appear, but showing a bike with an in-house engine, which is a costly R&D exercise, heavily suggests we will see this bike at some point and that engine will appear on other models across the CFMOTO range.