Leatt’s all-new Adventure gear, your adventure protection against all elements.


Perfect for whatever journey you have ahead, Leatt’s all-new adventure range is designed for all seasons. With a selection of premium adventure gear to suit your riding preference, whether you need to keep cool or dry the Leatt lab has been engineering the science of thrill for you. The all-new gear is adaptable to any changing weather so you can continue your journey in safety and comfort.


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Chris Birch, a legend in enduro and adventure riding, recently joined forces with Leatt. To celebrate this partnership and showcase their latest adventure gear, they embarked on a two-day adventure ride in Cape Town.

The journey wasn’t just about promoting Leatt products; it was about capturing the essence of adventure riding. South Africa’s diverse landscape provided the perfect backdrop – stunning scenery teeming with wildlife, vast open spaces, and challenging terrain.

“The views are breathtaking,” Chris remarked, “but it’s a demanding environment. Having the right gear is crucial because getting stranded out here with the wrong equipment can be a real problem.”

Chris’ initial visit to Leatt HQ focused on product development. He collaborated with Leatt’s design team on the next generation of adventure gear and gained firsthand experience at the Leatt Lab, where rigorous product testing ensures maximum protection for riders.

After a productive session, it was time for some fun. The Leatt team, excited to ride alongside a legend, took Chris on a weekend adventure through the Cederberg Mountains.

Easily accessible from Cape Town, these mountains offered a network of challenging gravel roads, providing a thrilling escape into the South African wilderness. The entire experience exemplified the pure joy and freedom of off-road motorcycling.