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GasGAs ES 700 studio photo from the right side
The original formula has now spawned a third model and Gasser’s first adventure bike

GasGas has announced its first dual sport and street models which signals the further expansion of the former Spanish and now Austrian brand.

The ES 700 is Gasser’s first foray into the adventure landscape, and it’s made the move using a proven platform shared with KTM’s 690 Enduro R and Husqvarna’s 701 Enduro.

With a distinctive red livery and chassis plus slightly reshaped plastics, the ES 700 will be joined on dealer’s floors by the motard inspired SM 700 which represents GasGas’ first dedicated road model.

The SM 700 is for commuters looking for maximum exhilaration before changing themselves to their cubicle

Powered by the single-cylinder 74Hp, 692.7 LC4 engine (with 10,000 kilometres service intervals) and utilising a ride-by-wire throttle system, the ES 700 will undoubtedly produce the smooth, measured roll-on that we’ve come to know from Husky’s 701 Enduro which is something of a favourite here in Australia.

The GasGas will also feature the Adler Power Assist Clutch which has great feel and helps reign in any loose rear ends on aggressive deceleration with QuickShift (clutchless gear changes) offered as standard equipment on the ES/SM.

The ergonomics will feel open and dirtbike-like while the WP Xplor suspension will walk that fine line between enduro and adventure that’s made this platform so popular.

The dirtbike-like feel and capabilities allow you to explore more technical terrain

The ES 700 will carry minimal electronics which is in keeping with its dirtbike DNA, but offers switchable Bosch ABS through Brembo brakes, a system that’s shown itself to be more than effective.

There will be a map selection switch fitted with two maps to choose from on-the-fly. Street mode offers a more aggressive throttle response as well as cornering sensitive ABS and traction control. Offroad mode will smooth the power delivery and disengage the lean angle sensors to allow for sliding, while traction control still remains accessible and the offroad ABS allows the rear wheel to be locked up.

The fuel tank capacity is 13.5 litres and no doubt we’ll see red coloured fairing kits, nav towers and auxiliary fuel tanks appear in no time, further extending the ES 700’s capabilities.

Buy two so you and your mate can chuck one-handers in the sunset


The ES 700 will mirror the feel of the Husqvarna 701 Enduro which is a bike we’ve spent a lot of time on. As an enduro/adventure hybrid there’s nothing else like that platform on offer from a competing manufacturer. For the ride that prioritises deep offroad riding on their adventures, it’s pretty hard to beat the 700’s light feel, open ergos and its penchant for being ridden aggressively into the tightest of trails.

There have been good luggage packages made available for both the KTM and Husky variants which will no doubt suit the GasGas just as well, and the company will also offer a range of riding gear to keep the prospective rider proudly decked out in red.

The light feel makes more aggressive riding a lot of fun

It’s a bummer that the parent company decided to stop the LR (long-range) variant with the larger tank capacity. For us, it completed the puzzle of exactly where the 701 Enduro fitted in by giving it a range that was the envy of many bigger adventure models.

With the official demise of the Suzuki DR650 a sad reality and the production of the SWM 650 Superdual X coming to an end, only the long-serving KLR650 survives to ride alongside these models – albeit as a very different value proposition – to keep the mid-size single motoring far and wide.

Pricing and availability for Australia are yet to be released (most likely in August), but we’ll stay on top of any announcements to come.

GasGas ES 700 Photo Gallery