HONDA CRF450RL VIDEO REVIEW | Downsize your adventure?


The Arai Tour-X5 is a completely redesigned helmet, packed with many new features. As with everything from Arai, every improvement is made with a priority for protection. And this new model brings us ever closer to the ideal Arai shape for protection.

It is time for a new adventure with the all-new Tour-X5! It’s time to ride the earth!


A Honda CRF450RL on dirt road under cloudy skies

We take the opportunity to ride Honda’s CRF450RL in three different builds from stock to sensible mods and then we take things just a little further and jump on Daryl Beattie’s own 450RL. All mods are listed below.

Come for the downpour and the epic riding, stay for the schnitty and the salacious sauna scene. We crammed a lot into the two-day ride and we came away with our eyes wide open to the possibility of a 450 Honda adventure bike.

You can check our full written review or scroll on down to the visual feast that awaits.

The bike mods:

1 X Stock CRF450RL.
1 X Derestricted, Vortex ignition, IMS 3-gallon tank, Michelin Starcross tyres.
1X Derestricted, Vortex ignition, IMS 3-gallon tank, Michelin Starcross tyres, FMF exhaust system, Seat Concepts seat.



  • Leatt Moto 9.5 Carbon helmet
  • Leatt Velocity goggles
  • Leatt Moto 4.5 Enduro jersey
  • Leatt Moto 4.5 Enduro pants
  • Leatt Hydradri jacket
  • Fly Racing FR5 boots