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Chinese manufacturer Kove had done its best to steal some attention away from its fellow countrymen over at CFMOTO with the announcement of its 800X super adventure.

And it’s making some big claims with Kove asserting that the 800X super adventure is the ‘world’s lightest and most powerful ADV’.

At its heart is a parallel-twin 799cc that pumps out a claimed 95Hp at 9000 rpm and 81 Nm at 7500 rpm. This is wrapped in a package that weighs in a total of 185kg (claimed wet weight) which makes it lighter than both a Tenere 700 and an 890 Adventure R.

The KYB suspension offers travel of 210 front/240mm rear, with a 21/18-inch wheelset and a ground clearance of 275mm.

The Kove 800X Super Adventure photographed against a rock wall

Kove says the 20-litre fuel tank can ‘guarantee’ a cruising range of 400 kilometres. The 800X doesn’t have cruise control but Kove has mentioned on YouTube that it should be available from 2024, which indicates the throttle is ride-by-wire.

In fact, there aren’t a whole lot of facts available yet, as you can see on Kove’s own website.

We searched for a Kove importer in Australia using the Googles but only found a Facebook group so we don’t have high expectations that the bike will be seen here any time soon.


Kove Motorcycles was founded in 2007 by Zhang Xue a former professional enduro and offroad rider. They have multiple factories in Chongqing which is the massive Chinese hub of motorcycle and parts manufacturing. They claim to produce nearly all the components in-house.