Established in 1998 and now the brand behind some of the biggest names in off-road racing today, FLY Racing is committed to developing the highest quality apparel for all forms of motorcycling. Inspired by racing, driven by adventure, and crafted for performance, our Patrol gear has been thoughtfully engineered as a lighter adventure option, ideal for the warmer months in Australia.


Boots are arguably the second most important piece of gear you’ll ever buy.

And if you’re looking to ride a healthy amount of dirt on your adventure rides you want to make sure your boots offer the kind of protection you need in the often chaotic offroad environment.

The Leatt 5.5 Flexlock Enduro boot is the kind of boot you’d take into battle.

The Slide Lock Cuff is a simple but clever feature

Offering a wide toe box as well as generous ankle padding and a moisture-wicking 3D liner, the Flexlock starts life with a somewhat stiff feel, but very soon beds in to be a supremely comfortable boot.

The forged aluminium overlock buckles have a great feel with or without gloves on and the Slide Lock Velcro closure system means there’s no more wrestling between the top buckle and the Velcro band which slides into place as you close the boot.

It’s one of those design elements that leaves you wondering why more manufacturers don’t do it.

The Slide Lock Velcro allows forward movement, which you need to secure the boots, but as with normal Velcro, it doesn’t allow it to slip backwards.

Leatt FLexlock boots being secured
The buckles are easy to manage even when they’re dirty

There’s a large rubber grip pad on the inside of the boots and with a wide array of hard protective elements, it’s ready to shield you against the worst the trail or a stray bush turkey can throw at you.

But as always with Leatt, it’s in the innovative safety features where these boots stand out.

This red triangle piece here is a big part of what gives the Flexlock 5.5s its incredible lateral rigidity and Leatt claims this system reduces forces to the ankle by up to 37% and the knee by up to 35%.

If you need to stiffen it up anymore, then you can utilise a second set of spacers that Leatt provides with the boots.

The FlexLock system that gives the boot its name. That red spacer can be switched out for a stiffer feel

I tried the stiffer set-up and I can see how it would benefit motocross riders who need rigidity around the ankle area, but for adventure, it was too restrictive for me. The standard spacers are, however, spot on.

The pivot point does sit a lot higher than on most other boots, but I didn’t find that hindered me in any way and it doesn’t feel much different from a ‘traditional’ ankle pivot on or off the bike and walking around.

The pivoting rods at the back work to limit hyperextension

At the rear, you can see this vertical rod which works in conjunction with the unique pivots to limit hyperextension.

This would be a good time to note the differences between road-based boots and even some ‘adventure’ boots being sold with little to no protection compared to the FlexLock 5.5.

Riding offroad involves risks that simply aren’t encountered on the road and your feet are the closest body part to the most dangerous aspect, which is the terrain. Ruts, rocks, sticks, tree roots and wallabies are just a brief selection of the things that can bring calamity to a ride in the dirt.

Add to that, a fall often leaves your leg pinned under the bike and you do not want to jam your foot between a rocky trail and a 260kg motorcycle with lovely, soft Italian leather boots on.

As always with Leatt, it’s all about safety and innovation and the Flexlock 5.5 Enduro certainly ticks those boxes.

But with so much going on one boot, they run the risk of being uncomfortable in an effort to protect to such a degree in unique ways.

I found the boot to be comfortable from day one. The sole is reinforced with a metal bar so you can stand up on the pegs for extended periods without feeling soreness in your feet.

The inner padding is free of pressure points and the toe box offers plenty of space for those of us with wide.

The top cuff accepts knee brace placement, and the buckles are all pain-free to use whether they’re clean or dirty.

The sole is a two-piece construction on the FlexLock Enduro which allows for a replaceable centre section.

You can see Damo wearing the FlexLock in our CFMOTO 450MT video on YouTube


There are a lot of joints and overlapping sections on the FlexLock 5.5s so they are a boot you’ll want to clean off after every ride to stop dirt and trail trash from accumulating, but that’s as simple as pointing the pressure washer downwards while you’re washing your bike.

I’ll be putting many more dirty miles on the Leatts and with a lot of sand and very dusty riding coming up they’ll get a test of durability. I think they’ll come through just fine and I’ll be happy to have them along for the ride.