Chris Birch wearing Leatt adventure gear

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Chris Birch wearing Leatt adventure gear

Chris Birch’s enduring passion for motorcycles has manifested in an impressive track record, boasting 8 NZL national enduro championships and three victories in the brutal Roof of Africa.

His podium successes at the Red Bull Romaniacs, including a top spot in 2010, further underscore his prowess. Notably, as riders traverse the Arabian desert, it’s worth noting that Chris also stands as New Zealand’s most accomplished Dakar Rally competitor.

Presently, he helms the thriving riding school, Say No To Slow, where, in addition to online masterclasses, he conducts clinics worldwide, aiding riders in honing their skills and cultivating confidence.

And to top all this off, he’s a bloody nice bloke who’s now signed with Leatt and will be wearing the latest adventure gear head-to-toe.

“I have been using Leatt protective products for many years but I am happy the time has come to partner with the team head-to-toe. I look forward to my time in the Leatt family, being involved in exciting projects and working closely with the product developers of the future products.
Straight away I feel at home in the Leatt adventure gear. It is strong, safe and comfortable. Living in New Zealand, we need gear that can adapt – and this multi-functional gear inspires confidence to go ride when you don’t quite know what is out there or what might happen.”

Chris Birch


During EICMA 2023, Leatt unveiled its latest adventure range. Renowned for offroad gear, Leatt’s adventure apparel boasts a Class AA rating, catering to riders who favour either asphalt or dirt which makes it ideal for adventure riding.

We’ve been wearing the Leatt Moto 9.5 Carbon helmet a lot recently and can attest that it’s a light, safe and comfortable option for riders who prefer goggles over a visor. The Moto 4.5 HydraDri kit is also great gear for riders in wet areas, which seems to be a quarter of Australia right now.