LMTG 450 Rally – The WR450F of your dreams


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Swapping plastic for aluminium and enduro for adventure. Reimagining an old Aussie favourite.

Yamaha’s WR450F has been one of the most consistent sellers in Australia since its inception. It’s often been mused at what it would look like should Yamaha decide to produce a rally model with the WR-F as the base. It’s got a reliable and very strong engine – maybe too strong out of the box – as well as a solid chassis and suspension package.

We’ve ridden a custom job some years ago and loved the freedom of the 450 sizes with the range a large tank brings. It boggles the mind that none of the major manufacturers have turned to their 450s to produce a Dakar replica at a price in reach of the average rider – that immediately excludes KTM’s limited-edition Rally Factory Replica which sells for a brisk $55,995.00. It’s dripping with all things that warm the soul and inhabit the happiest of dreams but…damn that’s a lot of money for a motorcycle.

French custom build specialists, LeMotograph, have taken to the WR450F in a major way and what they’ve come up with after hammering, welding, shaping and crafting is a bike worthy of a major role in Battlestar Galactica.

Dubbed the LMTG 450 Rally, it’s barely recognisable as a Yamaha that really hasn’t changed in any great way aesthetically for years, and instead, it’s one of the most striking and head-turning bikes we’ve ever laid eyes on. It looks like an Elon Musk wet dream come to life.

There’s barely a square inch of this bike that isn’t exotic, completely custom and designed with practicality in mind. From the trellis framework to the nav tower, footpegs and lights to the aluminium fuel tank and airbox.

Ohlins forks and shock replace the stock KYB while the exhaust is a titanium Devil. The engine is completely stock but a radiator has been added.

Kudos to LeMotograph for a truly unique and awe-inspiring build based on a bike we know so well.