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The Monimoto 9 with smaller key fob
The Monimoto 9 is smaller which makes it easier to hide

Monimoto plays a part in improving the peace of mind inside my household.

It does this by protecting one of the only three things I would retrieve should my house catch fire. Of course, I’d grab my wife and my favourite guitar, but I’d also grab Murray…my Africa Twin.

I might grab any left-over Chinese from the fridge too because at $18 for honey king prawns you just can’t afford to let this stuff perish these days.

Monimoto safeguards my bike from theft and as someone who has experienced a bike being stolen before, I can assure you the level 9 rage never subsides.

Nor does the hope that the thief goes to a section of hell that’s responsible for the forceful placing of pineapples in rectums for all of eternity.

In Murray, I have the Monimoto 7 which tells me if the bike is being moved which should give me time to react. And in the event some wank puffin arse-bandit should ride off on my bike, it will track its location and report that back to my phone in real-time.

I can take that info to the police and they can go and retrieve Murray using what I hope to be cruel and unusual methods.

I’ve also placed the Monimoto 7 in test bikes I’ve taken on long rides through dubious towns just for an added layer of security.

You can put the unit in a car or a boat if you wish too.

It works through communication with the main unit and the key fob which works as a geofence. You can set the distance that represents a safe zone for you at home and as long as the main unit and the fob are both within that zone, you’ll receive no bad news alerts.

Once the unit moves too far from the fob, then you’ll be thanking the Gods you have the device fitted as you can track that meth-head scum bag to the shithole he’s stashing it in.

Check out our full rundown of the process in our test on the Monimoto 7.

The app is set and forget and very easy to use


The company has recently released the Monimoto 9 which is a similar proposition to the 7 but in a smaller, lighter and easier to install and hide package.

It wasn’t the easiest to find space on my bike for the Monimoto 7. The spot I found was the only option which is a problem the Africa Twin has that some others don’t, but the Monimoto 9 will slot into more spaces on more bikes.

The 9 is also rated IP68 which means it’s waterproof whereas the 7 is IP65 which can take some water but not be submerged. This isn’t an issue for me and if my bike was submerged to that extent, I’d have more to worry about, but it is nice to know the 9 can take more of a drowning should you take on a mega water crossing.

An IP68 rating is also good for use on other vehicles like boats, jet skis or trailers.

There is a different battery in the two units as well with the 7 lasting longer than the 9 but this is not much of a concern given Monimoto claims the 7 lasts two years and 9 lasts 12 months.

It’s good to know Murray is protected by a Monimoto tracker

You’ll get a warning sent to your phone via the Monimoto app when the level gets low, but you’ll have had a birthday since the last time you changed it which is pretty good.

The entire package consists of the Monimoto 9 with an international SIM card installed (the device will ring your phone if it senses the bike is moving. This is a good idea as we tend to ignore messages at times), the key fob with comms to the device and 2 zip ties.

You’ll need to establish a subscription which you do annually (the first 2 months are free) and the whole system comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Monimoto 9 is priced at $299.00 which is considerably cheaper than a replacement motorcycle. It will be released in July and the company is taking pre-orders now.