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Making the toughest event even tougher, Pol Tarres decides to take his Ténéré to Romania.

The sort of things Pol Tarres has been doing on a Ténéré 700 blows the mind. It doesn’t make sense in a lot of ways to ride a 700 as a trials bike, or a motocross bike and now just to take things even further, an extreme enduro bike.

The Spaniard has entered the Red Bull Romaniacs, a decision on any other day wouldn’t be all that surprising given he is a star of extreme enduro and has indeed raced the sadistic event before. But for 2021 he will be competing over the four days on a Ténéré 700, which is utter madness.

In 2017 both Gerhard Forster (a BMW R nine T heavily modified by Touratech) and Quinn Cody (KTM 1090 Adventure R), finished Romaniacs in the Iron Class, but Tarres is making things significantly harder and entering the Bronze Class which is the third toughest class behind Silver and the sadistic Gold. I’ve visited Romania and ridden parts of the track and my feeble brain can not fathom how it could be ridden on a Ténéré.

Quinn Cody on a KTM 1090 Adventure R in 2017
Gerhard Forster on a BMW R nine T heavily modified by Touratech in 2017

Of his upcoming challenge Pol said, “I’ve been waiting all year for this moment. Physical and technical level I have no fear. For many weeks we have been physically and mentally preparing, I am stronger than ever.

We’ve taken a big step forward in preparing the bike thanks to the help of Boano in Italy with the new hairpin and rear suspension. It’s true that we don’t know very well what we’re dealing with because it’s many days of racing, taking care of mechanics and fine driving will be keys to reach a goal without the broken bike.

But racing is racing and anything can happen. Reaching [the end] is the main goal but who knows, if I have podium options in front of enduro bikes, even though I’m at a disadvantage, I’ll squeeze and not make it easy for you.”