The simplest but most important and easiest to explain riding tip of all time

Amazing scenery on the road to Finke

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It’s not flashy, it doesn’t require a lot of technique and it won’t impress your mates.

This single riding tip is the best advice anyone can impart next to, don’t eat a whole wheel of cheese before you hit a whole day of corrugations.


There’s a lot to watch out for, even on an endlessly straight piece of dirt road

What you see directly in front of your bike need not demand your focus. If it’s that close then it’s probably too late to react to it anyway.

What you see 20, 30 or 40 metres ahead is far more important and if you keep focused that far ahead, or further if you can, then you’ll find your lines improve and the time you have to anticipate or react increases.

At speed, this is so important because things have a habit of coming up you real fast…like corners and kangaroos and Land Cruisers.


As simple as this concept seems, an amazing amount of accidents happen from being unaware of what’s coming up

Another thing to avoid is target fixation. You see something bad like a rock shelf, a deep rut or a Yowie and the more you stare at it hoping you don’t go anywhere near it, the more likely you are to steer directly into it. It’s insane how easily this happens.

Spot a problem ahead and then plot the way around it and stay focused on the route only. Don’t even glance at that Yowie. Just keep the GoPro rolling so you can upload it to the ‘Gram later on.