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Keeping the revs up in 2024, Triumph Motorcycles has released the Tiger 1200 family with a host of updates to complement the buzz around the Tiger 900 Rally Pro release.

One of the standout improvements comes with Triumph’s 1160cc triple engine which has undergone tweaks to deliver a smoother and refined riding experience.

The T plane crank still maintains that unmistakable triple character, but changes to the crankshaft, alternator rotor, and balancer have increased engine inertia, resulting in superior low-speed control and a more precise low-rev torque delivery.

The clutch design has also been revamped for a smoother engagement when shifting into first gear.

As expected, comfort takes centre stage in the 2024 Tiger 1200 lineup.

Long-distance touring enthusiasts will appreciate the enhanced comfort features, with changes to the engine balancing strategy and a re-designed rider seat providing a more comfortable and fatigue-reducing experience on extended journeys.

Dampened handlebars and risers, popular in the Explorer models, have been extended to the GT Pro and Rally Pro, ensuring a smoother ride with improved mirror visibility.

Triumph has not overlooked the need for increased ground clearance, especially for those seeking all-terrain adventures.

The Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer now boast improved cornering ground clearance by lifting the footpeg positions.

The Active Preload Reduction feature, introduced in August 2023, enhances rider confidence by lowering the seat height by 20mm as the Tiger 1200 slows to a stop.

Triumph will also introduce new colours for 2024.

The Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer will be offered in Carnival Red, joining the existing options of Snowdonia White and Sapphire Black.

Meanwhile, the Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Rally Explorer, built for offroad exploits, showcase the new Matt Sandstorm and Jet Black options, alongside the popular Matt Khaki.

Chief Product Officer Steve Sargent expresses excitement about the updates, stating,

“The updates to the Tiger 1200 range for 2024 will deliver an even more refined ride, broadening its global appeal. Triumph’s commitment to customer feedback and continuous improvement, as seen in the Tiger 900, has shaped these updates, promising a significant enhancement to the riding experience.”