Established in 1998 and now the brand behind some of the biggest names in off-road racing today, FLY Racing is committed to developing the highest quality apparel for all forms of motorcycling. Inspired by racing, driven by adventure, and crafted for performance, our Patrol gear has been thoughtfully engineered as a lighter adventure option, ideal for the warmer months in Australia.


USWE (pronounced you-swii) is kind of a funny name for a company, but it is Swedish and they have a unique way with words. For example, ‘fartkamera’ is Swedish for speed camera and a ‘slutstation’ is the last stop where a train terminates.

USWE’s humble beginnings date back to 2007 when they began developing prototype bags and have scaled up to the point where in 2022, USWE bought a globally renowned luggage company and our mates, Giant Loop.

Of course, storage is a big topic of conversation amongst adventure riders. It’s right up there with tyre choice and reputable pie outlets.

What bags or cases you choose, where you place them and how long they’ll last are the all-important questions.

Sometimes overlooked, however, is the value of a quality backpack.

Something that can carry a decent load without straining your body and includes the ability to grab a drink along the way. A drink of water…not beer.

You should come to a complete stop to drink a beer.

The value of a backpack lies in the convenience of always having everything with you. No unpacking of a tailback or worries about leaving a tank bag full of stuff on your bike while it’s parked on a street and you go looking for a lamington.

The problems with choosing a backpack usually stem from storage capacity, a fit that allows too much movement and overall build quality.

USWE has tackled each of those concerns with the Core 25 Offroad Daypack and we’ve been running it recently to get a feel for what a top-shelf backpack feels like and how practical it is.

We’re more used to a stupidly uncomfortable camera backpack so it was nice to have something with such a versatile fit as the Core 25.


The Core 25 has two main compartments with the front section offering three small mesh inner pockets (one zippered and two open). The larger main compartment has a large mesh inner pocket (zippered) and a sleeve for a 3-litre hydration bladder which is sold separately.

USWE also throws in a moulded tool case which is handy for a heap of applications.

Up top is a generous, padded goggle pocket that will keep your goggle lenses from being scratched.
There are more pockets available, but we’ll have a look at the strap system first because that’s where you’ll find extra storage.

The strap system is a big part of the USWE appeal, and you may have seen the company’s somewhat odd but memorable catchphrase, ‘No Dancing Monkey.’

The idea is that an USWE backpack won’t bounce around on your back, it’ll be secure and comfortable all the time. And to ensure that USWE has wide shoulder straps, elastic integrated waist straps and an adjustable back plate for a final level of fine-tuning.

There’s only one buckle that brings the shoulder straps together and the fit can be tailored to suit your body shape through a backplate that can be lowered or raised, as well as length adjustable straps.

The backplate is a pretty clever design idea that allows you to sit the bag in a very specific position that’s most comfortable to you.

The right-side main strap also features an external detachable pocket for phone storage which will accommodate a max iPhone sizing. There are also internal and external mesh pockets. There is no lack of storage spaces in the Core 25.

The chest straps also allow for an amount of stretch so you can pull in tight but not feel suffocated when you breathe.

As an added nod to practicality, the main straps feature a molle-style webbing loops that allows you to hook on extra doohickies like a GPS locator or an LED light. The front of the bag also has a loop strip which I used on one recent ride to hang a water bottle pouch from.

I really love the comfort of the elasticated waist straps. The side panels are quite large which once again helps with keeping the bag in place and those panels also house two extra zippered pockets in a very convenient position for things like earplugs, bank cards or spare gloves.


The USWE Core 25 does everything it says it does. This is a rare thing in today’s world where just trying to access your salami via the ‘tear here’ point on the packaging requires a suppression of deep rage.

The Core 25 holds enough to unburden your bike of a tailback or a tank bag and for you to not have to pack and unpack multiple times at each stop.

It sits perfectly all day no matter what type of riding you do from a Sunday plod about to setting personal best times between remote towns.

The amount of adjustability and the clever inherent design, coupled with the 25-litre storage space – which is about as big as most would want to go before the back starts feeling overly bulky – makes the Core 25 one of the better backpack choices on the market.

And while the USWE Core 25 comes at a premium price of $464.95 it justifies that through the excellent build quality from the perfect seams, great quality zippers, straps and buckles as well as main shell material.

To give you an idea of how the Core 25 packs for an overnighter, I threw in 2 shirts, a pair of jeans and a jumper, a pair of thongs and a selection of snacks and my drone. My wallet was in the bag, my InReach was on the left chest strap, and I still had more storage spaces to fill.

I’ll be spending a lot of time with the Core 25 strapped to my back with upcoming rides across the Simpson Desert followed by the Canning Stock route and I’m confident this is the best choice out there for me.