YAMAHA TENERE 700 WORLD RALLY on a desert hill
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Yamaha has taken a fresh look at the Tenere 700 platform and gifted it a host of upgrades designed to take it further, make it even more offroad capable and allow greater electronic integration.
The Tenere 700 World Rally production model has been unveiled, signalling the first evolutionary step for the 700 and that Yamaha had been listening to customer feedback.

The most immediately obvious change comes in the form of the unique dual, side-mounted and low-slung tanks that increase the fuel capacity from 16-litres to 23. The new design features two separate filler caps and sits lower than the tank on the standard T7, which is quite high.

An interesting configuration of two fuel filler points and steering damper placement

Yamaha claims the tank also improves the seat-to-tank transition and of course, lowering the weight will also help improve the bike’s agility in technical terrain, which is something the KTM 890 Adventure R excels at via a similar design concept.

The basic LCD display has been upgraded to a 5-inch colour TFT with the ability to connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The new screen offers multiple display options and will connect to the Yamaha MyRide app so all messages and phone calls will be shown on the display.

The app is capable of a lot more, especially in regard to ride tracking with detailed stats and the ability to share information with other riders and display GPX files for navigation.

The new, colour TFT display will hook up with your phone via Bluetooth and the Yamaha MyRide app

The Tenere 700 World Rally offers ABS with three modes of adjustability. Mode 1 is the full biscuit across the front and back wheels. Mode 2 is on at the front and off at the rear, while Mode 3 disengages ABS completely.

The Kayaba suspension has also received attention with the fully adjustable, Kashima coated 43mm fork gaining an extra 20mm of travel, which takes it to 230mm. A new shock also offers 20mm more travel over the standard model, bringing it to 220mm as well as a redesigned linkage and larger bump stop.

20mm extra travel for both front and rear

Öhlins makes an interesting appearance providing an adjustable steering damper mounted between the tank and triple clap, an overall arrangement that will make running a tank bag a little more complicated.
A new forward-facing airbox has been fitted, which is the same volume as the standard but better protected from dust.

A two-piece rally seat gifts freedom of body movement but also allows the removal of the rear section to fit luggage racks.

The engine remains untouched which is a reasonable choice given you’d be hard-pressed to find a legitimate complaint about the CP2 engine.

The Tenere 700 World Rally is a significant step forward from the based model, if only through increased fuel range and electronics integration alone. It’ll be interesting to see how the revised suspension feels, especially the shock which is a bit of a weak point of the T7 and if that lower weight distribution gifts an improved nimbleness when you’re tiptoeing through the tulips.

The dual filler caps and placement of the steering damper is a somewhat inelegant solution, but for those looking to punch on past that dodgy servo and enjoy greater stability in loamy conditions, both are no doubt welcome additions.

The Tenere 700 World Rally will see release across some markets in late 2022, but unfortunately won’t be seen in Australia until the first quarter of 2023. Pricing won’t be confirmed until a little closer to that date but UK pricing shows it at around $3,800 more than the standard Tenere 700.

Colourways for the Tenere 700 World Rally include blue and black.


  • 23-litre capacity dual side-mounted fuel tanks
  • Flat Rally inspired 2-piece seat
  • 5” colour TFT meter with mobile connectivity
  • 3-mode switchable ABS
  • High specification 43 mm KYB front forks, 230 mm travel
  • Öhlins adjustable steering damper
  • Aluminium piggyback rear shock, longer 220 mm travel
  • High-torque EU5 CP2 engine
  • Newly designed air cleaner box
  • 15mm higher windscreen with removable side deflectors
  • Larger footpegs
  • USB outlet
  • New radiator grill
  • 3-piece engine guard