Founded in 1689 to produce muskets for the Swedish Army, motorcycle production began in 1903 which makes Husqvarna Motorcycles one of the world’s oldest manufacturers with uninterrupted production. 


Husqvarna Motorcycles continues to innovate and excel with an impressive range of models and technical leadership. Over a dozen high-tech, class-leading motorcycles are not only tackling the enduro, motocross, supermoto and dual-sport production segments head-on, but also re-imagining the street and travel segments.



The World Raid has been received well and could be all we really need in Oz

Yamaha’s Tenere 700 is the highest-selling adventure motorcycle in Australia. With a history stretching back to 1983, the Tenere name is arguably stronger than it’s ever been in an adventure market that is also enjoying its most robust period.

With the recent release of the World Raid – you can watch our video review here – Yamaha met some of the criticism of the standard 700 head-on with extra fuel capacity, increased suspension travel and better overall balance.

In our wide brown land, we have a choice between the standard Tenere 700 and the World Raid, but Yamaha actually produces six variants on the Tenere.

If you were to drop into a Yamaha dealership in the UK you might find a World Rally, an Explore, an Extreme and a Rally Edition as offerings against the standard 700 and the World Raid.
What do these four other Tenere models offer?


Yamaha Tenere World Rally edition in blue
If anyone deserves a tribute livery, it’s Peterhansel

Based on the World Raid platform, the Ténéré 700 World Rally pays homage to a true off-road legend, Stéphane Peterhansel.

Nicknamed ‘Monsieur Dakar’ for his unmatched success in the gruelling Dakar Rally, Peterhansel dominated the 1990s on Yamaha, securing an incredible six Dakar victories for the brand.

His first win came in 1991 on the iconic stunning YZE 750, and he went on to conquer the rally with Yamaha in 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, and 1998.

This prestigious heritage inspires the Ténéré 700 World Rally’s design, featuring exclusive factory racing colours that echo those Peterhansel rode to victory.

The World Rally’s specifications also include a lightweight Akrapovič slip-on muffler, black rims and a black seat.


This is the model that will excite Aussies the most

The Tenere Extreme takes the standard Tenere 700 platform a little further into Pol Tarres territory.

The most obvious difference is the high front fender but looking deeper the Extreme offers some significant changes.

The KYB suspension offers 20mm more travel at the front and rear as well as a Kashima coating on the forks. This is the same kit that’s fitted to the World Raid.

The Tenere 700 Extreme also comes with titanium footpegs which are 35% larger than the standard pegs, as well as a chain guard and a radiator guard both made of aluminium.


A tourer with a lower seat height but retaining the 21/18″ wheel combo

Aimed at the touring crowd more than the pure offroad adventurer, the Tenere 700 Explore highlights the versatility of the Tenere design.

Where the standard Tenere offers 210/200mm of suspension travel, the Explore drops that figure to 190/180mm with revised spring rates to better accommodate luggage or a pillion.

This helps to improve the on-road feel and also drops the seat height from 875mm to a more accessible 860mm.

The Explore also gets a 50% larger windscreen that’s more suited to touring and comes with side luggage racks and a quickshifter fitted as standard equipment.


The Rally Edition offers a similar stock package to what a lot of standard 700 owners build in Oz

The Rally Edition tweaks the standard 700 formula without making any major changes. It actually takes a similar form to a lot of Tenere 700’s after common mods.

With the Rally you get an Akrapovic pipe, a higher and more padded seat and a more robust and complete coverage baseplate.

The Tenere 700 Rally also comes with grip pads on each side, a radiator guard, LED blinker and handgrips with a softer feel.


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